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Hooper Williams Communications (HWC) is available for leadership development training programs, conferences, and one-on-one coaching. Johnson & Johnson, Rutgers, Carnegie Mellon University, Fannie Mae and Women’s Foodservice Forum have all hired HWC to either lead workshops for their teams or prepare individuals for presentations. HWC provides coaching and workshops on the following subjects:

Personal Branding

Personal Branding helps individuals identify their unique promise of value, as well as how to manage their image and strengthen their network. This workshop applies to executives wanting to move up the career ladder or graduates just starting out in their first corporate role.

Change Communication

HWC’s Change Communication workshop focuses on how to engage employees at all levels during a major change initiative. The discussion is centered around the process (team formation, charter development, identifying best practices, synthesizing findings and implementation), as well as specific communication strategies and tactics used to engage the organization.

Leadership Communication

The essence of a great leader is good communication skills, as well as the ability to bring out the best in their team. Our workshop will help you explore ways to build trust and drive results, while at the same time inspire and motivate your team and department using both traditional and nontraditional leadership communication methods.

Media Training/Presentation Training

Our media/presentation coaching prepares individuals for a successful interview with the press and/or stand up in front of any crowd and speak with confidence. From CEOs to CFOs, we’ve coached individuals on how to step up to the microphone and capture the hearts and minds of their audiences. If you would like more information on any of the above training, contact us at or call 908-334-5565.

Hooper Williams Communications is a full service public relations and marketing communication firm serving clients in the healthcare, food service, technology and nonprofit industries.

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